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Amii Minimālisms Rudens Ziemas Modes Sieviešu Svārki ir Cēloniskā Cietā Aline Teļš-garums Sieviešu Svārki Temperaments Svārki Sievietēm 12040392

Amii Minimālisms Rudens Ziemas Modes Sieviešu Svārki ir Cēloniskā Cietā Aline Teļš-garums Sieviešu Svārki Temperaments Svārki Sievietēm 12040392


    €25.60 €42.66
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SKU: v228

Tagi: ilgi svārki ziemas, svārki sieviete, ādas mini svārki rāvējslēdzēju, modes sievietes, Svārki, brūna mini svārki, amii sievietēm, melna zīda svārki, barbie balti svārki, hot sexy sievietes foto.


  • Materiāls: Spandex
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Stils: Biroja Dāma
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: amii
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Kleitas Garums: Vidū Teļš
  • Vecums: Vecums 18-35 Gadi
  • Siluets: A-LĪNIJAS
  • Modelis Tips: Cietie
  • Modeļa Numurs: 12040392
  • Jostasvietu: Samazinājies

Natasha Suliko


The skirt is definitely not for winter. Not for Russian winter. Medium thickness fabric, with overflow gloss. Heavy, flowing, does not stretch. Looks great. The quality of tailoring at altitude. Consulted with the seller about the size, on the parameters from 78, about 104 recommended L. She sat in the waist tightly, and the belt was small centimeters by 5, or not he put... You have to punch extra holes. In general, I liked the skirt, I will not reduce the estimate for the belt.



A good skirt, sewn neatly, a fabric of medium thickness, looks presentable, smooth flowing. To sit perfectly better to dress for light corrective underwear. Does not shine through. Did not see the seam in the photo, it goes right in the middle, that is, the skirt is cut from several pieces, but after ironing sat down well. Of the minuses-the slots under the belt are less than the belt itself, a little slinky. And the belt itself is very long, it only has three holes, if I Bury on the middle, belt can wrap to the waist. My parameters are waist 77, hips 104, size XL just. Length on height 167 also arranged

Whudove Avgustna1988p


Favorite store. All things in it are of excellent quality and style. The size of M sits perfectly on me. I-162 cm, parameters 84-65-92. The skirt is chic. Flowing.



The skirt is rather suitable for summer and warm off-season. The material is similar to dense silk, without lining. Looks expensive and very stylish. The color is exactly the same as in the picture. I shoot the star for the fact that the seller sent the size L instead of the ordered M. As a result, the skirt is slightly large in the waist, but not critical, the belt smoothes everything. Length in size L for height 165 is exactly the same as on the model from the picture. I will not return, I read reviews-people write that they remained without money and without things.



The skirt really liked. At OT 70, OB 92 the size approached perfectly, the length of the height of 160 is slightly higher than the ankle, there is no lining, you will need an antistatic.

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